Matsue, Shimane

Kumano Taisha Shrine

APCHI2012 will be held in Matsue, Shimane Prefecture, Japan. Matsue is the capital city of Shimane Prefecture, Japan. Matsue sits between Lake Shinji and Nakaumi, along the banks of the Ohashi river connecting the two. Matsue is noted as one of the top three locations in Japan for its Tea Ceremony and Wagashi, notably developed and preserved by the 7th Matsudaira feudal lord, Matsudaira Harusato, or more commonly known by his nickname Matsudaira Fumaiko. (wikipedia

About Venue

Kunibiki Messe (Shimane Prefectural Convention Center) is the core center for all the convention facilities in Shimane.

Kunibiki Messe

Kunibiki Messe (Shimane Prefectural Convention Center)
Address: 1-2-1 Gakuen Minami, Matsue-city, Shimane 690-0826, Japan
TEL: +81-852-24-1111, FAX: +81-852-22-9219



to Matsue


There are two airports close to Matsue. One is Izumo Airport(IZO) and the other is Yonago Airport(YGJ). A shuttle bus delegates from these airports to Matsue station near the conference venue.

Shuttle bus Timetable
Izumo(IZO) to Matsue
Yonago(YGJ) to Matsue

There are several ways to Izumo and Yonago airport. Our recommends for foreigners are as follows.

From Narita
Narita(NRT) -[Train]-> Haneda(HND) -[Airline]-> Izumo(IZO)
Narita(NRT) -[Train]-> Haneda(HND) -[Airline]-> Yonago(YGJ)
From Haneda
Haneda(HND) -[Airline]-> Izumo(IZO)
Haneda(HND) -[Airline]-> Yonago(YGJ)
From Kansai
Kansai(KIX) -[Bus]-> Itami(ITM) -[Airline]-> Izumo(IZO)


If you prefer to go to Matsue by train from Kansai International Airport(KIX), you may need to transfer at Shin-Osaka Station and Okayama Station. It may takes 4-5 hours from Kansai International Airport to Matsue.

From Kansai
  1. JR Airport Express, "Haruka": Kansai(KIX) -> Shin-Osaka sta.
  2. JR Shinkansen: Shin-Osaka -> Okayama sta.
  3. JR Super Express, "Yakumo": Okayama -> Matsue sta.

to Conference Venue

The conference will be held in Kunibiki Messe 1km far from Matsue station. The printable access map is available here. Also, please refer to the website for additional information.